Tiger Email Manager runs email Autoresponders and Mailing lists...

Tiger Email Manager runs email Autoresponders and Mailing lists direct from your PC. Much better than a FREE auto responder - the data is safe on your PC, now with an Email preview facility.

Market like the PRO's, right from your PC, let TIGER build your own EZINE mailing list send a newsletter to your contacts regularly, offer a free report or price list and much much more all with TIGER.

Next time you call a customer or potential client. ask them if you can add them to your monthly newsletter list - TIGER will manage it for you.

Next time you sell a product or service. make sure your customer joins your PREFERRED mailing list. Network marketers. When you call someone and they say NO how about offering them the chance to be on your monthly newsletter, just so they can see how you are getting on.

(in fact whatever response you get). Or what if someone contacts you? Webmasters, use tiger to process your form data. Using Tigercode you can store personal information with their mailing list entry about customers or prospects and then send a message personalised to them!

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